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                CN EN
                • The carousel is closed and continuous running loop equipment is consisted of apron and continuous rotation structure . driven by friction model , passed the force of friction from the friction conveyor to driven chain by a group of roller equipment , the tray on the carousel is driven by driving chain , which will be started in full load .

                  ?  Horizental and tilting type are as customer design
                  ?  The surface of the equipment face to all the passengers is made from stainless steel (304)
                  ?  The carousel type can be designed to the model of O,U,T,L.
                  ?  To ensure all-weather running , adequate power should be equipped to the driving component .
                •         BHS is a comprehensive system integrated such sectors as mechanical equipment , electrical control ,automation ,IT application , which is used for handling the baggages of the passengers take off, transfer and arrival in the airport , located between the earth and air , which is important part of the civil airport .

                          Pteris global is the well-known manufacturer ,integrator of airport logistics system , specializes in providing the solution of the whole-set baggage system ,including the preliminary proposal assessment , holistic design system and plan optimization , 3D system of  simulation and  emulation , engineering in-depth design , equipment manufacturing ,project implementation ,system integration and equipment repairing and maintenance ,etc.

                • The intelligent passsenger checkpoint system designed by Pteris global can be optional for requirement of the customers , with system function and spatial layout in mind , the customer design plan can be made , with optional function of face recognition . The number of tray divestment module from 3 to 6 , the highest effciency for throughout : 600 persons /hour (the ratio of person to tray equal to 1:1.5)

                        Moreover,  the major security check equipment can be compatible for the INTELLIGENT PASSENGER CHECKPOINT SYSTEM .

                  Intelligent passgenger checkpoint system (customer design)
                • Comparingto the advanced version , The standard version with small volume ,highperformance cost ratio . with the excellent performance reserved maximumly ,which is the best choice for the customer.

                  Intelligent passgenger checkpoint system (standard version)
                • TheIPCS R&D by Pteris global , which is the new solution to he intelligentsecurity check , we are committed to upgrading the traditional security checksystem to the integrad intelligent system of convenient , efficient ,comfortable ,beautiful and safety , which will improve passenger's experience ,reduce the physical strengh of the staff , transparent labor division , moreorder for the security procedure , high safety .

                  Intelligent passgenger checkpoint system (advanced version)
                • The baggages will be sorted by the tilting sorter in accordance with the order preestablished , then the sorted baggages will be sent to the appointed the location , which is indispensable equipment for the large scale airport .

                  ?  The most advanced driving system of the linear motor
                  ?  Flexible treatment , high handling capacity
                  ?  Flexible in integration and layout
                  ?  Long lifespan , low cyclical cost
                  ?  Low noise
                  ?  Speed:highest  3m/s
                  ?  Sorting module :single or double sides
                   Maximum gradient / slope  of the rack :10°
                  TILTING SORTER